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My name is Scott Yates, founder of Ultimate Martial Arts Videos. I was introduced to the amazing world of martial arts in 1983 at the age of 10. I remember Hong Kong Phooey, Bruce Lee, and Saturday morning TV watching the series Kung Fu. It captivated my attention… the skill, the mystique, the intensity. Earning my Black Belt in my teens allowed me access to seminars and training’s that shaped the way I would understand and apply the arts as I grew. Fortunate enough to have great instructors, they encouraged me to train with their instructors, seek our other Masters of the arts and absorb their knowledge as well. That guidance led me around the world to some of the most incredible instructors.

I am forever grateful that I had, and still have the ability to travel the world, learn and live the martial arts.

This is the exact reason UMAV was created. In my travels, I realized there was an immense amount of people who had limited or no access to quality instruction in either their art, or other arts they were interested in. I continue to meet incredible people who share the same passion to learn the martial arts and continuously learn more.

Our mission at UMAV is to provide worldwide access to quality instruction from various disciplines. We love the fact that the internet is changing the world by allowing access to information more than ever before. We look forward to working with you on your lifelong journey in the martial arts.

Scott Yates | Ultimate Martial Arts Videos

Scott Yates with his teacher DoJuNim Ji Han Jae

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